The Good Earth School provides each child (ages 18 months through 6)  with a quality experience by utilizing the outdoors and nature as opportunities for learning. The development of the whole child is maximized through an organic connection with nature.


The Good Earth School seeks to nurture the whole child and as such, we believe that children benefit emotionally and physically when spending much of their time outdoors connecting with the natural world. This philosophy fosters social awareness and inclusion in our children. Our staff and teachers do not assign gender-specific roles, which gives all children an opportunity to play and learn equally, together as interdependent members of our school and society.

We value the natural curiosity in children and we understand our individual roles in encouraging the child’s active participation and creativity in their own learning process. In addition, our staff is also encouraged to develop a greater level of self-awareness through professional development and personal reflection and how it impacts their performance as teachers, mentors, leaders, and learners.

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Please email us at thegoodearthschool@gmail.com or call (510)647-9444 to inquire about details.

Email Us at thegoodearthschool@gmail.com